Vermont Foliage

I’d like to begin a weekly segment on the blog with pictures of Vermont and what’s happening. It’s a photographic journal of some sort.

Part of my thinking is that I am surrounded by stunning scenery and rarely ever snap a photo of the moment. If I do take a shot, then I’ll at least forget to share my pictures with others.

Hopefully the accountability of blogging will provide the motivation to carry my camera around, snap some pictures, and then post them.

So I need to think of a catchy name of some sort for this. But I won’t let administrative duties hold things up. First off is a cropped picture of some small trees in Dorset just accross the road from the farmer’s market.


The small trees are either a brilliant red or a bare assembly of twigs and branches with a red carpet beneath. The larger trees are generally green, but reveal hints or red, orange, and yellow. A few trees are going straight to brown.

Up at the Southern Vermont Arts Center a few trees are also revealing their fall colors. I love the contrast with the sculpture. It’s almost like a “Where’s Waldo” for fall foliage.