MWM Seeking Emerging Church to Critique

Some have rightfully critiqued the emerging church for its lack of diversity. Though the emerging church is a global movement (I know, Tony doesn’t like that word), us white American males sometimes act like we’re the only ones talking.

I think the emerging church’s diversity is being addressed and many other voices are entering the conversation. It’s not diverse enough, but we can certainly say the emerging church is more diverse than its critics. (link via)

I bring this up to make a point: we’re going somewhere with the emerging church. I can’t think of any other tribe to call my own. We’re working on the diversity issue and discovering new possiblities as God brings his Kingdom into our lives.

Though the critics of the emerging church do have some great intentions and even better advice, I am far more interested in finding ways to take Christianity out into the margins.

I would rather flirt with heresy than nestle at home snug and sound with my orthodoxy. Unless I put my orthodoxy to the test of immersion into the world, how will I know if it is solid?

There is a sense in which caution in our doctrines can stagnate us. We fear that we’ll lose God if we lose this or that doctrine.

If I’m going to give my life to Christianity, I want to doubt it, question it, drag it through the mud in my daily life, and then cling to my rough, calloused faith that has seen me through.

None of this sounds quite right. Perhaps my point is that I want to cling to God alone and let my doctrines fall where he leads.

Am I overstating myself here? Yeah, probably.