Who’s Praying Now???

Ah yes, America the free, elect and chosen by God just got whipped in the U.N. by a tyrant who’s not afraid of the big bad Yankee wolf.

And you know what? We had it coming. After Bush waves his Christian flag with our just cause to stand up against evil doers and the Axis of Evil, after invading two countries, and after torturing suspected enemies . . . what do we expect???

The world is waiting for someone, anyone to stand up and call a spade a spade, even if it’s a little over the top. And Chavez is waaaayyyy over the top. But that doesn’t matter. He at least is saying what A LOT of people are thinking. His sarcastic prayer in the U.N. may not have been diplomatic, but it resonated with many in the rest of the world.


And this should teach us a lesson. If you’re going to bully the rest of the world around, the world will find its own bully to hit back. We can’t expect the world to be cheerful and diplomatic because we’ve already taken our gloves off and hit first.

America has initiated quite a bit of name-calling and generated enough ill-will that anyone on the margins, even in America itself, will turn to a champion, any champion in fact to take on the American “tyrant.” And so our bad policies and ill-advised diplomacy have forced the world to turn to dictators and tyrants to deal with us. That explains Iran and Venezuela.

In my own view, the U.N. has essentially failed. It should have been able to stop the Iraq war, it should be doing a heck of a lot more in Sudan and in Somalia. Many in the world view the U.N. as the lap dog of the U.S. anyway, so what does it matter if Chavez comes into this inept international body (that many don’t care a fig for anyway), drops all protocol, and lays into whoever he chooses?

This is a wake-up call to America. Drop the “God is with us and our just cause” talk. Nobody buys it. Many Americans don’t anyway.

Chavez is no friend to America, but he has, in fact, done us a great favor. He delivered what we had coming for a long time: a clear picture of how ridiculous we appear to the rest of the world.

Thanks Hugo! And watch out for that Pat Robertson!