Rabbits at Christianity Today

Someone on the CT web site actually wrote an article about rabbits, their wonders as house pets, and the cruel ways they are treated today. The article also provides a commentary on today’s culture.

As the owners of pet rabbits, we certainly agree with the article and found it to be true of our experiences. Of course our rabbits have been bad of late, so they’re locked up in their cage. They usually do have free reign of the house though.

Here’s the more entertaining part of the article:

“Few have had the thrill of watching a bunny do the binky—a supreme tribute from rabbits to their creator, as if to shout, with their whole bodies, “God, life is good!” Have you ever witnessed this spur-of-the-moment dance, in which rabbits leap up, spin in mid-air, and land facing the opposite direction—sometimes several times in a row? And how many of us have received the soft little kisses with which these affectionate and social creatures are happy to groom, comfort, and even, if necessary (as is often in my case), wake up their human companions?

Have you seen the way rabbits, upon hearing the soothing voice of their owner, forget the sixth sense inside their heads that warns them, “Be alert, you are, first and foremost, a prey animal! Don’t tease hawks with your white belly!”—and flop over on their side, rolling back their eyes in bliss? How many Playboy bunnies have heard the chatter of a euphoric rabbit’s teeth? Who among the lapin stew epicures has put a rabbit in a trance—his belly up and his lip twitching as he frolics in bunny dreamland, all trust and no fear? And how many touch-starved loners have received the consoling warmth of the velveteen body, propped against their backs or legs? How many pet store owners know the chasm that separates rabbits from rodents? Do they pay attention to the remarkably loud thumps rabbits make when scared or angry?”

And just because you probably are wondering about our rabbits Eva and Bailey: