Up and Around Stratton

Last weekend we hiked up Stratton Mountain. The hike up was challenging, but not as abusive as Equinox.

Swithbacks help a great deal. It’s amazing how tolerant I can be to a hike provided that it’s a gradual climb and not a mad scramble over boulders.

My congrats go to the folks who designed the trail. It’s a great hike.

Unfortunately, there is a major down side to Stratton. If you want to have a decent view from the top, you must ascend a rickety old fire tower with steep, submarine-like steps. I got to the second landing . . . twice . . . and could go no further.

Julie said the top wasn’t too bad because it was enclosed. I was seized with terror once I got up there. I did manage a few pictures, though the glare from the sun washed them out.

On the ride home we drove down forest road 71. That was a really pretty drive. If you want a nice foliage drive next weekend, try going up Kelley Stand Road in Sunderland and then taking 71 South to Route 9 and then looping back around. You can reach 71 via Route 100 as well.

In any case, here are some foliage pictures from our weekend.