Why Am I a Christian?

I used to think that I needed to have a slick answer to this question. Something like: Jesus make ssense or Jesus gives meaning to my life or I saw a blinding light and heard God speak to me.

Whatever. We all know that dramatic conversion experiences are few and far between for the most part. We also know that many of us lack decent reasons for being Christians. In fact, I’m guessing that many Christians can’t quite explain it.

How did I end up following Jesus?

God called me. It’s as simple as that. He in fact is calling everyone. It’s just a matter of following when your eyes are opened to his calling.

I realized this last night while driving home, devoid of entertainment between a lame book on tape and a lame NPR program.

I was thinking about why I pray, read the Bible, or mess around with theology, and the best I could come up with was, “He did it.” Yes, it’s all God’s fault. I can’t take any credit.

Following Jesus really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It doesn’t make life easier. It doesn’t mean your problems will fall into place.

In fact, God demands that we live by faith in him. That is frightening. Letting go of control, seeking God above all else, and trusting him to catch you . . . that can be quite uncomfortable.

And yet, I cannot imagine living any other way. I think it should sound foolish. It should be worthy of scorn to those who are unfamiliar with the Lord and his ways. God has called me and I find real contentment in that.

For more about this, check out 1 Corinthians 1, especially verses 23-25 and 30-31.

3 thoughts on “Why Am I a Christian?

  1. Pastor David

    I had a good friend who was very interested in religion. He studied theology and the Bible, but he could not commit to faith. I remember asking him about that once.

    He said, "Yes, it all makes sense to me intellectually. But I just don’t feel it."

    All the intellectual arguments in the world eventually fall flat. Either you feel it, or you don’t; either you feel the call, or you don’t.

  2. Bill

    You’re right on the right Ed. The magic word is faith and a conscious decision to trust completely in Christ. After all…didn’t God give us a free will to decide?
    Sorry Pastor David our feelings shouldn’t have anything to do with our decisions! Let me explain. Many days I don’t feel "saved", but I know I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord, and I will be with Him in Heaven for eternity. The tough part is making Him Lord of my life.

  3. Pastor David

    If it sounded as if I was saying that faith is all about having the right feeling, or that doubt has no place in a life of faith, I apologize. Not at all what I intended. I was agreeing with Ed’s post about the feeling of being called to a life of faith, about God’s action of reaching toward us first. My friend that I described did not feel so called, and did not — in any way — sense God reaching out to him first.

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