How Technology Saved Our Lives . . . and a Parable

On my writing blog I posted a true story from this past Saturday called “How Technology Saved Our Lives.”

The summary is that Julie and I basically hiked up a mountain, grossly miscalculated the sunset, and had to hike down in the dark. It was quite frightening, but fortunately God took care of us and taught us a lesson while we were at it. Flashlights will now be standard for every hike!

Nestled in the story is a little parable that has become quite meaningful to us at this point in our lives. It has been seared into my mind while I shivered in the woods with my hand on a tree with a blue blaze.

I suppose you’ll also want to see some pictures from the summit of Bald Mountain. The first is the New York mountains to the east and the second is of Mt. Greylock to the south.

<%image(20061009-NYMtsfromBald2.jpg|375|160|NY Mountains)%>