The Best Fall Foliage

Some of the best fall foliage is in Arlington, VT right now.

There’s a beautiful maple tree behind the ugly Stewart’s gas station, but if you can find the right vantage point there are some beautiful trees to spy up on Red Mountain.

One of the best places is right by Laver Road. If you can walk over to the bridge that goes over the stream, take a gander at Red Mountain. It’s rich with color right now.

Also, our very own back yard has some amazing red and yellow thanks to a number of towering maple trees. You can view them all from the rec. park in Arlington. Just walk around by the playground and you’ll see them in the woods off to the right.

So if you were thinking of driving up or down Route 7 today, shoot off in Manchester or Bennington and swing through Arlington on 7A. You won’t regret it!

Pictures to come soon!