Lenovo Night

I have been sitting on this e-mail for over 3 weeks now. And today I can finally post it.

September 13th was the culmination of 2-3 intense weeks of lap top shopping. When I get into a project like this, I can be dauntless, determined, and insufferable.

Julie was often so tired from school that the only time I could talk about the lap top hunt was in bed. So I’d print out the day’s findings and then we’d discuss things until she fell asleep. Usually within 2-3 minutes.

My father-in-law found a sweet deal on a new Lenovo lap top at buy.com. With a $200 rebate and a buy.com credit card, I got the price down to a measely $455. Not bad for these specs:

Lenovo 3000 C100 Notebook — 1.5GHz Celeron M 370,
512MB DDR2,
Windows XP,
15″ TFT

The problem was that the deal was too good. Too good for Lenovo to keep up with the demand. And so I waited for a week without any word. Then another week passed and I began sending e-mails. Finally buy.com got back to me and said that the manufacturer needed to send them more computers.

To their credit, buy.com got the computer out overnight. I received an e-mail at 4:30 pm on Tuesday and it was in our mud room by Wednesday afternoon. And to Lenovo’s credit, the lap top is pretty nice so far. It received rave reviews and was only lacking in appearance (big deal) and multimedia functions (I guess I’m not so well equiped to play with the tech. junkies of the emerging church).

The keyboard is nice and the touch pad works fine. We use a wireless USB mouse anyway. The only qualm I have is with the joker who swapped the “Fn” key with the “Ctrl” key. I use the Control key ALL of the time for cutting, pasting, and copying. That will be hard to get used to. Other than that, so far so good.

Of course we had to make a big event out of the computer’s arrival, so we let the bunnies have a celebratory meal on the box. Bunnies love cardboard.




2 thoughts on “Lenovo Night

  1. Ed Post author

    Yeah, they look cute. But let me tell ya…

    Eva, the white bunny, was chewing on our IKEA Poang wanna-be chair today quite a bit.

    What did I do?

    Exactly what the rabbit book Hop To It says to do. I picked her up, carried her back to her cage, and repeatedly said "NO, NO, NO!"

    Perhaps I said it a bit too loud. For the first time ever, Eva wiggled and squirmed and then began peeing wildly.

    It was a messy, desperate affair. Pee shot out all over the kitchen floor. I quickly put her down and she scampered off.

    Just as I finished cleaning it up, who comes along but Bailey, the brown bunny, who feels the need to sniff and inspect the entire scene of the crime. Yes, he confirmed, a rabbit peed here.

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