VPR: $60,000 in 2 Hours

Vermont Public Radio is close to raising $60,000 in 2 hours. Genius, sheer genius. I actually listened to the first hour of the non-stop pledge drive just to hear if it’s working.

A two hour pledge drive is better than throwing it in your face all day. You get half the programs and the personalities they choose just beg and beg and cast endless heaps of guilt upon listeners.

But two hours is another matter. They throw in a short commentary by Ira Glass about paying for radio complete with the music of This American Life (if you listen to the show, then you know what I mean about the music). They play clips of clips of callers who share why they give. They are forced to be creative since two hours is a heck of a long time to talk about giving money.

Julie told me that past fund drives have been extended in the past just to meet the budget. That sounds like purgatory, if not worse. So three cheers to VPR for going outside the box to pay the bills in the least annoying way possible.

Even if the fund drive redirection page used a lame, washed out picture of the West Arlington covered bridge (yes VPR, I have tons of better pictures of that same bridge that you can use any time!), they tried something new and it works. Good job!

As of 8:37 am they have $8,500 to go.

UPDATE: As of 9:27 AM VPR raised over $68,000. Way to go Vermont!