TU’s Star Wars

Dr. Heth, my Greek prof. and friend at Taylor University sent a link to this video from air band, Taylor University’s annual event where students essentially perform various songs and lip the lyrics.

It doesn’t sound like too much fun in writing, but believe me, it is one of the coolest events around. No other event is anticipated so highly at this small school located in the farm fields of Indiana. So yeah, stuff that in your pipe and smoke it Indiana.

Dr. Heth is Darth Vader in this zany little commercial and his son, a hall director at Taylor, is Luke. In between each act in air band is some kind of skit or video. Oftentimes the videos and commercials upstage the main event.

Various campus personalities that are notorious to students and alumni appear throughout the video, so I guess the uninformed viewer may miss a few jokes. In addition, the president’s wife tops off the video at the end. Well done Andy in creating this video!