My Morning News Spread

Genocide, elections, suppression, and atheism: these are just a few of the topics in today’s news. Here’s a brief run-down of what caught my eye this morning:

The situation in Darfur is deteriorating rapidly. As if things could not become worse. BBC and NY Times.

Georgian art Destroyed in Moscow by a gang of thugs. BBC

Obama is considering a run for the White House. Since no one is emerging from the Democratic camp as a clear favorite, he just may give it a go. Of course I’m worried because I read in the NY Times last night that he has hired a consultant from Gore’s campaign. Great. Drop your personality and act like a robot Mr. Obama. BBC

The military’s last plan in Iraq. NY Times

New Atheism? Beat that straw man. Of course you can’t prove that God exists. There’s more to life than science. Wired

And if all of this chatter has you down, Andrew Jones has a great post on the emerging-missional church and on his dating life in the good ole’ days down under.