Big Cities Bully Small Town America . . . All For Pumpkins

Keene, NH used to hold the record for most carved pumpkims. Yawn. OK, have fun over there in NH. Just make sure you’re in by 9 pm.

Oh, but wait, a challenger has come forward. Bennington, VT is making a bid this weekend to smash that record: Rutland Herald article.

The problem is that the city of Boston, that’s right the city of Boston, has decided to beat up on the small towns and steal the record. Doesn’t that seem like a fine way to say “Up yours!” to small town America???

The Herald Reports: “The pumpkin festival has been an annual event in Keene since 1991. Keene created the world record in 1992, and it surpassed it in 2003, with 28,952 carved and lit pumpkins lining the downtown streets and stacked on towering scaffolds. Other cities, including Boston, have tried to take the crown from Keene, but not until Saturday did Boston succeed, cramming 30,128 jack-o’lanterns onto Boston Common.”

Can’t we have a pumpkin record for major cities and one for little towns in the country? Just a thought.

And why the heck would Boston want to have this record? Boston is already glutted with culture, history, and nice buildings.

Boston, you have professional sports teams, a legit orchestra, major universities, and all kinds of museums. Must you have the pumpkin record too? Can’t you see how bored we are out here in the country?

Ah, but no. You are corrupted by greed and must have it all. We’ll just have to stick with rummage sales, bingo at the fire hall, and bon fires.

I personally don’t think that Bennington can pull it off. But remember, I’m a Philadelphia sports fan. Pessimism is just a way of life.