Munich: The Most Disturbing Movie I Have Ever Seen

Though I do not seek out violent or depressing films, I am not a stranger to them. In fact, one of my favorites is Saving Private Ryan. This is not because I have a lust for violence, but because this film shoes war in all of its ignominy and asks important questions about the value of life.

Munich is another such film that confronts terrorism and counter-terrorism, showing the endless depravity that grips both sides. There are no heroes in this movie, only small pieces caught up in something far larger and more ruthless than they can ever imagine.

With a series of assassination attempts and murders, it is by far the most violent movie I have ever seen. It’s disturbing in many ways, but it has to be.

I have always been astonished by the endless circle of violence that is so easy to perpetuate. The Middle East is certainly caught in it and has been for some time. One of the main points of the movie was that with each assassination, another terrorist who is far more violent rises to replace the fallen leader.

The main Israeli assassin is confronted with this truth along with the approval of many at home. They see him as a patriot who is defending their country.

The final shot of the film shows the disillusioned main character standing in a park by himself with the twin towers looming in the background (remember this took place in the 70’s). That haunting scene is a challenge to the way in which we deal with terrorism.

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