Sunshine Policy Falls on Dark Times

South Koreans have been vacationing at a North Korean resort, sort of, since 1998. Really, I’m not making this up. Unless the New York Times is making it up . . .

The artticle states:
“The tourists, mostly South Koreans in ski parkas, moved about in buses, separated from North Koreans toiling in cabbage fields by fences and soldiers standing at stiff attention. The resort itself had the feeling of an Antarctic camp, with its own generators, vegetable plots, a health clinic and a Family Mart convenience store.”

“The few North Koreans who met their neighbors from the South — waitresses and hotel workers — eagerly proclaimed the evils of American and South Korean aggression to their guests.”

The resort has a been a symbol of the hope for reunification and for South Korea’s Sunshine Policy. Of course the Sunshine Policy isn’t all that hot in the wake of North Korea’s nuclear tests.

In any case, at least these folks are giving unity a go at some level. Read the rest of the article here.