Skye Forest Exhibition at SVAC

My absolute favorite pastel artist is showing her work at the Southern Vermont Arts Center. Skye Forest is an award-winning pastel artist who has a fairly hectic job working with children.

Her paintings offer a counter-balance with some of the most serene, magical scenes you could ever imagine. They have an almost photographic quality, while also possessing something else that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Her latest batch of landscapes explore a wide variety of colors, including purple sunsets, golden fields, and the usual interaction with blue streams.

One thought on “Skye Forest Exhibition at SVAC

  1. Skye Forest

    Greetings! Skyewriting…I was thrilled to read your kind words about my work. I really appreciate your critique..I will remember it when I paint! I am also thankful that you find the images serene..that is what I hope to share…Best to you…Skye

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