Closing Thoughts on Organic, Cruelty Free Living

In wrapping up my series of posts on the environment from a Christian perspective, I would like to hit on household products. The original post is: If The Earth is the Lord’s, Then We’re in Big Trouble.

Windex, laundry detergent, dish soap, bleach, etc. are all products that we use in our homes every day. Unfortunately we are often unaware of the dangers of these products.

There is much to say about these products, and the Seventh Generation web site covers many of these issues. Go there for the an in-depth look at the toxins we keep in our homes.

I’ll just say two things.

We need to think about how these products are made. For example, dish soap is typically made from oil. That’s right, as in black gold. Other products such as bleach emit all kinds of pollution in their production. Never mind that house wives exposed to these chemicals for years on end may have contracted cancer from them.

Then there’s the issue of animal testing for cosmetics and other household products. Rabbits and who knows what other kinds of animals are caged up and then sprayed with all kinds of substances and products. Not only do they have a lousy life in confinement, they are also horribly abused.

<%image(20061106-cruelty free.jpg|105|82|crueltyfree)%>This is hardly what God had in mind when he put us in charge of his creation. You may say that rabbits are live-stock, but my two rabbits who come when called, beg for my morning banana, and and lay down for head rubs suggest otherwise. Look for a jumping rabbit symbol if you want to support companies that do not test their products on animals. See also Cruelty Free.

And if you didn’t think animal testing was bad enough on rabbits and mice, some labs use beagles.

When we use certain products for cleaning we are also exposing ourselves to chemicals that may be harmful to our bodies. Of course these things are debated, but think about this. If you have the option of using a product that is a safer bet, even if it costs more, isn’t it worth it? I’ll let Seventh Generation handle all of the details on that one.