The Stages of Loafing

Today our rabbits Eva (white) and Bailey (brown) will demonstrate the three stages of rabbit loafing.

Much like cats, rabbits don’t do a whole lot. They actually can do some tricks and will even play with you provided they are in the mood, but a good part of their day is spent doing a whole lot of nothing.

The one caveat in all of this comes with the introduction of food. Rabbits are wonderful beggars. They are not overbearing like dogs. They run around at my feet with a silent pleading and excited eagerness and then stand on their hind legs and sniff up toward my morning banana.

Fortunately their active times are in the morning and in the evening, so we generally see them at their energy peak. On the weekend we quickly found out that we shouldn’t expect much from them in the afternoon.

And so we begin with stage one. Stage one is the hunkered down loaf. Our rabbits like to sit around and look grumpy before advancing to the next stage.


Stage two is the sprawled out loaf. This often begins with a dramatic collapse, almost a flinging, of the rabbit onto the floor. Though they sometime lay on their backs, our rabbits generally choose one side to lay on. Bailey is working on his sprawl. Eva’s not quite there yet.


Finally, boredom sets in and they begin to clean each other. Though rabbits will lick just about any where, grooming another rabbit typically entails licking inside the other rabbit’s ear. That’s right, Eva isn’t eating Bailey’s ear; she’s just cleaning it.


And there you have it. That’s what we have to put up with on a regular basis in our living room. Beware, the loafing can be contagious!