Old Bennington

Julie and I took a walk last weekend in Old Bennington. It’s a beautiful little piece of real estate with very old homes (and enormous!), the Bennington Battle Monument (commemorating New Hampshire soldiers who fought in New York over a supply dump in Vermont), and the First Congregational Church of Bennington.

While in town the sun was setting and I snapped a few pictures. You can see them here at my flickr account. I’m just a punk novice photographer, so don’t expect anything grand.

Nevertheless, I did pull off a few lucky shots with my haphazard, point and shoot first, ask questions later approach. I wanted to replace the fall foliage picture on the left header of the site, but didn’t have a worthy candidate until our night out at Old Bennington.

The picture of the sunset taken from the yard of an immense home in Old Bennington was the winner. Nevertheless, my picture of the First Congregational Church was a solid runner up. I didn’t quite capture the brilliance of the sunset on the church spire, but you get the idea.