Prayer as a Constant

Prayer is one of those mysterious practices we will never understand on this side of heaven. We can only glimpse facets of it.

While praying with others this morning, I had the sense of carrying on an ongoing conversation with God among others. In other words, we were praying as a group about things we have already been praying about as individuals.

Now that we are done praying, we are praying as individuals again until we gather once more as a group. Prayer is a seamless conversation that is woven throughout our lives, insects with the prayers of others, and then continues.

Sometimes when I gather to pray with others I feel a bit disorganized or just unprepared. That strikes me as unhealthy. I shouldn’t “save” prayer for these meetings.

Gathering with other Christians to pray, read the Bible, or whatever else is just a communal continuation of what is going on privately.

2 thoughts on “Prayer as a Constant

  1. nate

    Or perhaps what goes on privately should instead be a continuation of what has happened communally, not vise versa.

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