I’m a Frothing Venti Yuppy with a Shot of Vermont

Yesterday a friend of ours was jesting via e-mail about my longing for a latte when Julie and I visited the village of Weston, VT. Apparently there are two things I missed.

1. There actually was a cafe right next to the Vermont Country Store (VCS)

2. I’ll let him say it in his own words, “Lattes are as out of place in a Vermont village as the VCS is an
authentic country store.”

So there, I’ve been put in my place. But lattes are really, really hard to give up . . .

Now add a new wrinkle to my dilemma. I need to watch my cholesterol (too many eggs, too much cheese, too much milk, etc. in my diet), and so it’s either soy or skim milk these days.

Standing at the counter of the Spiral Press Cafe in Manchester yesterday (much as i do five days a week), I scanned the menu and kept going back to . . . the . . . latte.

I had to have it.

Skim milk was not an option. You may as well have water. I don’t mind soy milk, but it does taste a little off . . . So I decided on a soy latte with a shot of vanilla syrup.

Sigh. I am now officially a yuppy. I didn’t really think I could pull off this “Vermonter” act with my daily retreat to the inviting confines of a cafe. Somehow though the soy latte is just over the top. It seems disloyal to Vermont’s dairy farmers with their muck boots and John Deer hats.

I am a flatlander. Now give me a tall double shot soy latte with a smidge of hazelnut syrup, extra froth please.