A Childlike Certainty?

Jesus talked about child-like faith.

Paul talked about foolishness.

I find myself talking about certainty, reason, logic, and solid beliefs.

Where did we get off track?

The bane of certainty-based Christianity is doubt.

The bane of child-like Christianity is unchecked logic or reason.

Is it possible to become children again?

Is it possible to embrace Christ along with our doubts and uncertainty?

Can we have a reasonable faith without a wholesale surrender to a certain, orderly, reasonable form of “faith” ?

Lord, teach us to believe like children.

For that is our only reasonable hope.

2 thoughts on “A Childlike Certainty?

  1. Adam Malliet

    The question is, does the child-like faith metaphor break down the further you take it. I’ll suggest that it does not.

    We usually understand the metaphor in terms of certainty… if only I could have the certainty of child. When a child is given new information they believe it, most of the time and especially if it comes from a parent or a friend. They have that certainty that we long for.

    But what is the next word out of his mouth going be? It will be one of the follow… Why?, How?, When?, Where? What?

    The child has certainty, but doesn’t stop there, she seeks understanding as well and isn’t afraid to ask the questions to get that understanding.

    What a beautiful metaphor, but lets not stop at certainty. Lets strive towards a real child like faith that is certain, but asks a hundred-bazilian-trillion child-like questions as well.

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