Latest Read: The Shaping of Things to Come

I recently picked up The Shaping of Things to Come. It’s a book about revamping the church for the purpose of mission.

Though the writing is a bit dry 30 pages into it (Hauerwas and Willimon really spoiled me with their excellent writing in Resident Aliens), there are two points I really like about this book so far:

1. Ministry should empower people to live the Gospel wherever they are. I hope to write more about this soon. Too often we look to pastors as the ministry experts and forget that the rank and file Christian has a very, very important role as a representative of Christ in his/her job, vocation, etc.

2. It’s OK to open a business with ministry in mind. Phew. Let’s say that again please: It’s OK to open a business with ministry in mind. A business that is a self-supporting ministry can be a very effective way to bring the Gospel to new places. It also will hopefully remove some of the restraints that funding creates.

4 thoughts on “Latest Read: The Shaping of Things to Come

  1. nate

    I bought this book months ago, it’s finally at the top of my "to read" stack…perhaps over Thanksgiving…

  2. Ed Post author

    Don’t read it after Thanksgiving Dinner unless you want to take a nap . . .

    Actually it’s not that bad. Some of the examples throughout the book are very refreshing and inspiring.

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