Half-Empty Thankfulness

The focus of Thanksgiving often hones in on what we have. We think of experiences, people, and possessions.

Thankfulness for such things is all well and good, but here’s a little twist that doesn’t receive quite as much air time. I would like to be thankful for the things that have not happened and what I do not have.

We could take this in many directions. From a Christian perspective, I am thankful for God’s grace that makes me his child. Without him I know that I would be far more rotten than I already am.

I can’t imagine life without the presence of God and I am thankful that he has saved me from who knows how many mistakes.

And then there are the many things that have not happened to myself or to loved ones. We’ve never had a major auto accident, never been without sufficient food, never been attacked, and so forth. The list goes on.

If we can spend time thanking God for what we have and the things we have been spared from, then it is also appropriate to pray for those who are in need and who have suffered through what we have thus far avoided.

Thankfulness is good, but generosity is even greater. Perhaps Thanksgiving would be even more significant if we not only recognized how blessed we are, but also realized we blessed in order to bless others.

It’s easy to be thankful in a nation of plenty. The far greater act today is generosity with our time and resources.