My Latest Writing Projects

Though I cannot share my current writing projects because publishers must know they have first dibs on the material, I sent a few articles to the local Manchester papers. I don’t usually keep tabs on all of them at this site, I usually have them over at my writing blog Just look for the writing link.

Nevertheless, the articles in this week’s paper are available online at the Manchester Journal’s web site. In case you were wondering what’s happening in my little corner of Vermont, my articles cover some of what’s happening in the non-profit scene:

The Groundbreaking at First Congregational Church
The December Meeting of the Northshire Non-Profit Network

Other Announcements
Advent: I thought I should mention that I’ll be starting a series of posts for the Advent season. My theme will be the exile. Since Jesus is God’s ultimate answer to our exile from Him and since the exile was basically the context of Jesus’ coming, it seemed to be a suitable theme.

We’ll start off with a bang in the book of Daniel. It’s time to look at exile from an apocalyptic point of view and put the dispensational escapism of the Left Behind Series to rest.

Ads: OK, I cracked. I have been resisting the placement of ads on this site for so long because I did not want this site to become about making money. After trying to make a little money on another web site and failing, it seems that the temptation and expectations are gone.

So you may notice a few ads hiding in the columns. I hope they don’t seem deceptive. I did not want to steal from the visual appeal of the site for the sake of having flashy ads that scream “click me.”

I will certainly need to keep an eye on myself. This is a blog about the intersection of Christianity and culture . . . with some thoughts thrown in about my life here in Vermont. If I start pushing products, like, oh, I don’t know, a LENOVO LAPTOP or a CANON POWERSHOT CAMERA, which I own and use all of the time and highly recommend, then I hope someone will challenge me on that . . .

In addition, if I start trying to bump up my stats by constantly covering politics and tabloid news, then it’s time to drop my posts about Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, or even George W. Bush. There are enough bloggers covering these topics who do it better and know a lot more than I do.

Faith, culture, and Vermont: that’s what this blog is about.