Shopping and Blogging

I heard a feature on NPR this morning by freelance writer Maggie Mason about shopping online this Christmas. Her shopping web site seems like a really neat resource to use when trying to find neat gift ideas. She also shared some ideas on NPR about playing itself in the online market.

The advice from most experts about shopping online is to stick with the big, well-known online companies. That’s right, drop the little guys because you just don’t know when you’re being hit with a scam.

Maggie also wrote a fabulously title book: No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog. While the cheaper way to figure out how to blog and what to blog on is to simply read lots and lots of good blogs, Maggie provides a fun little reference tool for those who want something that’s a bit more specific and instructional.

It’s the kind of book that is almost worth buying based on the indisputable truth of the title alone.