My Abstract Header: Leaves, Water, and Fall

I’ve always preferred headers on web sites that are fairly straight-forward. I’m not the creative type who can whip abstractions up out of the blue.

Nevertheless, I spent a little time today tweaking a picture I took in 2005 of some leaves in a stream at the base of Mt. Greylock in MA. The fall leaves were a beautiful array of colors and I was lucky enough to capture the sun at just the right angle. You can view the full picture here.

The final result is a bit creepy and odd, but it’s a change of pace for me. I’m curious to know your reaction as you look at it. Does it work? Is it sensory overload? Should I go back to trees, leaves, and scenery pictures?

2 thoughts on “My Abstract Header: Leaves, Water, and Fall

  1. Makeesha

    I don’t think it’s creepy, it’s neat. Is there a way you can use just 1 level instead of a double height? the repeat looks a little weird

  2. Ed Post author

    When you refer to "double height" you mean that the navigation header appears twice across the top? I’m sure it’s something to do with the CSS, which I know almost nothing about. It’s probably worth taking a peak at it, but no promises. I’m one step away from clueless when it comes to web stuff.

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