Internet Famine and Vermont Oddities

Early meetings, evening activities, and a two-day internet famine at work have kept me off line for almost two solid days in a row. I can’t believe how many things I do online.

A few years ago I only used the internet for e-mail. While sitting at my desk yesterday wishing, just wishing I could check my e-mail or the weather or even the wing span of a Panamanian Hopping Swallow, I actually made a list of everything I do online. It wasn’t a full page, but it was close.

And here’s the kicker, I would have posted it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even send it home because my computer doesn’t have a floppy drive and my flash drive broke (boo hoo) and neither of those things are really necessary anyway because I usually just shoot everything over on GMail and GMail saves a copy.

Yes, life was strange without internet for a few days. I actually read the local paper, the physical paper that is. I usually read it online.

And of course I ran into two articles that I have been waiting, biding my time impatiently, to note in my blog:

$14,000 coin dropped into Salvation Army kettle
This has the the ring of scene in UHF where a bum is given an incredibly valuable coin by the sworn enemy of the UHF station and the bum says something like, “Gee, Thanks Mister!” and then promptly donates it to the UHF station.

Well, not quite, but it’s still pretty cool that Salvation Army received such a nice gift. Hopefully that will make up for some of the times people run past the bell ringer.

Vermont is the Second Healthiest State
That’s right, I’ve stumbled into the very heartland of health. Check out what the Banner says:

“The Vermont Department of Health cited certain facts that lead to the state’s high rankings: that the state had the lowest motor vehicle deaths per 100 million miles driven, the lowest percentage of children living in poverty, good access to prenatal care and a low violent crime rate.” article

Of course the accident thing makes A LOT of sense, though I will say that snow and mountains can cause accidents just as easily as rush hour traffic in an urban area. And the famous malfunction junction in Manchester (7A and 11/30) is one daily head-on-collision that locals have to avoid.

The healthiest state of course is Minnesota, but we’ve got our sights on you for next year! I’m going to ride my exercise bike every morning (to avoid accidents on the road), eat only fruits and vegetables, tutor 6 kids, drive 5 miles below the speed limit, finish my garage as a bedroom, volunteer at the hospital, and patrol the streets of my town once a week.

If we all band together we can do this. Let’s send a message to Minnesota: We’re Coming For You. Who’s with me!