Give the Gift of a Good Blog

I’ve been deleting this post for two days now, so it’s time to just get it out.

Here’s my idea. Christmas is coming. We give gifts. All well and good.

What if we gave the gift of links (as in links to blogs) to one another? Not only are we blessings those who work so hard to post good content, we are blessing others with a chance to read some good stuff.

I have a number of blogs that I read regularly, but have been tardy in adding to my “For a Good Blog” list. So, now that I had the day off from work, I took the time to finally add them to my side bar.

And then there are blogs who aren’t updated frequently, whose content may be slipping a little, and so forth. You know the sort. Why not let them stay on. Give them another shot.

Perhaps a new year will bring a fresh batch of posts. Perhaps they have been too busy with truly important matters to blog. Perhaps they have a potentially terminal case of writer’s block (terminal for the blog that is).

In any case, let’s remember those who are not able to blog as much as they would like . . . and leave a place for them at the “table.”

2 thoughts on “Give the Gift of a Good Blog

  1. nate

    Thanks for the invitation to stay at the table. It inspired me to reshape some of my time and post some thoughts on my own blog (at least for the time being).

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