My Unexpected Dream About Rumsfeld, Iraq, and Gates

For some reason Robert Gates needed me to come along with him to the Pentagon. I’m a good administrative person, so perhaps he wanted me to take notes for his meeting with Donald Rumsfeld.

Rumsfeld was seated in the conference room and was very warm and insightful. He quickly launched into a description of the Anbar provide in Iraq where thousands of militant soldiers were overwhelming American troops.

Gates listened very intently, soaking everything in. Rumsfeld continued to lay out the bleak strategic situation in the Anbar Province of Iraq, filling in minute details. I thought to myself, Rumsfeld got us into a mess and he’s hard to work with, but the man is brilliant.

I woke up from this dream not knowing to make of it. Then I read about the Anbar Province and about Gate’s meeting with Rumsfeld.

I still didn’t know why I had the dream. All I could figure is that God wanted me to pray. And so I have been praying for our leaders, our soldiers, and the people in Iraq. I don’t know what God is up to, but he has my attention.

Let’s remember to pray for peace in Iraq and for our leaders as they try to figure out this mess.