In Need of a New Addiction

One of the blogs I read regularly is going to be scrapped. Makeesha is in a situation where she has decided to stop blogging for the sake of harmony in her church.

She will be blogging here and here.

I don’t know the nature of the situation, but blogs can make life difficult. Things become even more sensitive when people unfamiliar with blogs take them too seriously.

I view my blog as a type of journal or writing notepad. It’s a place for young ideas, half-baked thoughts, and first drafts. Sometimes they come out polished and gleaming, but who has time to do that every single day?

I think blogs are a lousy place to debate sensitive topics, but they’re a great place to share ideas, even if they’re on sensitive topics.

The fact remains that even if someone has to shut down a blog, the ideas still remain. And if one person has some unwanted ideas, the odds of others sharing them are quite high.

That is where wisdom comes in. When is it better to let these ideas have a forum to stew a little and simmer down as opposed to bottling them up and waiting for them to explode? When is it better to just can the blog and let it fizzle out in the bottle?

4 thoughts on “In Need of a New Addiction

  1. nate

    Andrew Hamilton writes today at "Backyard Missionary" that he often hears about the toxicity of blogs. I think the reason for this is that toxic people insist on engaging (often quite violently) in argument rather than entering the conversation.

    Check it out here:

    I hadn’t read Makeesha before today, but she seems like a Jesus follower who isn’t propagating any heresy. If the local church is squelching a blog – honestly regardless of what the details are – the church has failed in welcoming voices to the conversation.

    I understand squelching heresy, but can you imagine the early church saying, "Shut the hell up Paul, stop voicing an alternate view…for the sake of harmony, you need to shut down your blog because it includes Gentiles, women, and slaves and we don’t like that."

  2. Makeesha

    thanks ed. I basically had 3 choices – 1. shut down the blog to avoid further conflict with a few vocal members of our "traditional" first service 2. change my voice so it was more palatable 3. keep blogging as-is and field issues and questions from both my pastor and the members of our traditional service every other day. Number 3 is keeping me from doing the real work of the kingdom in our Revolution service. Number 2 was not acceptable if I wanted to remain an authentic person. So there was really only one option available to me. For the record, until I can be free to blog publicly again, I have a private blog at wordpress and if you or anyone else is interested in reading it, you can get a wordpress username and email it to me and I’ll add you (if anyone else here does that, please include your blog link). Sadly, that’s the best I can do for now…besides writing articles and guest blogging. But I’m not so narcissistic as to think that this is a big blow to the blog world 😉

  3. Ed Post author

    Thanks Makeesha for dropping in and clarifying things. I understand what you mean about wanting to diffuse conflict for the sake of the ministry. Tough call all the same.

    You’re always welcome here to toss your thoughts into the pot. The important thing is that you are fighting for the unity of the body, which is more than can be said for others (IMO).

    Nate, I hear ya! Thanks for sounding out. I actually wrote an article for the ooze that addresses the exact point you made called: The Excommunication of Paul. It can be found here:

  4. pam hogeweide

    dangit. i don’t know you makeesha, but i wish you weren’t so polite….but ya gotta do what your conscience is directing you to do.

    are you coming to the emerging women leaders gathering in oregon in Jan?

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