Cooliris . . . My New Toy

The thing I love about Firefox is the plentiful supply of tools you can add right to the web browser. For example, I have Cocoments built in to my browsing screen so I can track all of the comments I have left on blogs. If anything, it has encouraged me to leave more comments and then follow up on the conversation.

My latest addition is Cooliris. Cooliris is also built in to Firefox and creates a little box to the right of every link your pointer passes over. It works with most browsers, but of course Firefox is one of the best.

When the pointer is brought on top of the box, a screen appears that provides a preview of link’s destination page. It’s quite handy when performing a google search and in many other scenarios where one is uncertain of a page’s content.

Take Cooliris for a test drive. Maybe it’s practical for some and not others. So far I enjoy using it.

One thought on “Cooliris . . . My New Toy

  1. ScottB

    You know, I gave it a try a few months ago, and I absolutely hated it after a few days. At first it was useful, but any link-heavy page degenerated into a swirling mass of preview windows. I suppose it’s all in how you use things like search – for me, it wasn’t that helpful. 😉

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