Ed’s Unusual Gift List

Sure you can pick up a coffee mug, tie, or box of chocolates for that special someone, but let’s face it, some people really defy neat and clean gift categories. Finding such people a gift can be time-consuming and frustrating.

But what if this impasse became an opportunity to give a truly unique and meaningful gift? Here are some ideas for some really unusual gifts that may be a great fit for the right person:

Link Up with Pastor Bill
I knew Pastor Bill back in my Doylestown, PA days. He’s a nice guy with lots of experience with counseling and grief issues. He’s started his own web site dealing with the issue of forgiveness that provides a number of resources and posts that anyone in a tough time will find helpful. At least that’s what I think . . .

A Web Site by Todd
Some people need to take their act onto the internet, but setting up a web site can be daunting for the uninitiated. That’s where Todd comes in. He made the cool site you just visited for Pastor Bill, and he’s gaining momentum as a top-notch web designer.

Computer Maintenance
This may be a hard one to quantify as a gift, but think about this. There are thousands of computers pining away in the homes of people who aren’t quite sure what to do with them. What if a computer-savvy family member dropped in to clean things up, deleted unnecessary files, and set up Firefox, Gmail, and some ad-ware programs?

In addition, you could also set this relative up with a few of the open source programs available these days. By the time you’re done, you could set up this relative to keep in touch via the computer because this is the only way some of us will ever write someone a note.