Creating Space

Physically, mentally, and spiritually there is a need for space. Creating time for this space is quite difficult, when I run from one activity to another.

If only for a few days, I have been able to settle down a little bit. I find that I can think more clearly and simply relax.

I knew I needed this time because I only wanted to read my Edward Rutherford books: Princes of Ireland, Rebels of Ireland, and now London. It’s recreational reading, light historical fiction that helps me unwind. At least I think it may. It’s better than TV for sure.

Now I’m crawling back to NT Wright’s Evil and the Justice of God and The Shaping of Things to Come. Also my moleskine journal is starting to fill up with more writing lately. All of these are good signs.

Sometimes “staying busy” becomes an end in itself. It feels right, but then I stop and realize how empty I am, how little I have prayed, and how neglected my mind has become. And that’s why vacations are so important.