Off to Massachusetts . . . For One Day

We drove down to Gloucester, MA yesterday. 3.5 hours down and 3.5 hours back. In the snow by the way.

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are up from Arkansas and they wanted to return to their old stomping grounds in the north shore area. My wife went to college at Gordon and my other brother-in-law lived in that area for a few months, so they all had some ties to the area.

Of all days it snowed. It snowed quite a bit actually. We took a great walk on the beach in Gloucester, but became completely soaked after a short while. My jeans were really, really wet. And don’t even mention my feet.

After chilling and soaking ourselves, we drove on over to a Thai restaurant in Beverly, MA. I drank Thai tea by the gallon and munched on spring rolls. Good times.

It was kind of a crazy trip, but we had a great time catching up and enjoying the beach. Now that I’m warm and dry, it seems like a splendid idea. Here are a few pictures by the way: