A New Year with New Mile Stones

As 2007 began yesterday, I found myself latching on to the concept of a new year. The overuse of new year resolutions aside, it can be very helpful to put down our own mile stones and set new goals and expectations, while evaluating the past.

There is something very holy and redemptive about this process. On one hand there is room for gaining a perspective on the past. Perhaps some good habits have emerged, while other life-draining practices have taken hold. On the other there is a chance to plot a new course, set new goals, and move toward a new future.

This is a time of repentance and thankfulness, of resolution and surrender.

Where am I at in all of this?

I would have to say that I’m most frustrated with how insignificant and man-made my Christian life has been until now. There have been some great spiritual turning points where God has stepped in, but my devotion and religious practice seems eerily inadequate.

Let’s face it, there is only one thing, and one thing only that makes Christianity real, that enables it to stand up to skeptics and scrutiny: God is the real creator and sustainer of everything.

It’s not enough to just say Christianity is true. We can acknowledge a truth and move on with life. The word I’m looking for is “active.” Christians serve an active God who came to earth, brought salvation, and interacts with us every day. His presence among us in the past, right now, and in the future are key to Christianity.

Everything else about Christianity is what we use to draw near to God. The Bible, prayer, fasting, etc.

The Christian life boils down to that moment we sit, stand, or kneel before God and meet with him.

That is what I long for in 2007.