Battle with My Verizon Web Page and WordPress

I decided a few days ago that it’s time to learn how to use WordPress, and better than that, to design web sites. It’s going to be an uphill battle.

I should clarify that I’m not fighting against Verizon, WordPress, or any other entity for that matter. Perhaps my chief enemy is my own ignorance.

Do I need an MySQL Database? What’s FTP all about? Which notepad program is the best? And so on.

I’m gradually figuring these things out. But before I could start I had to set up a web site with Verizon. It’s free and I thought it would be easy. It hasn’t.

First of all, it wasn’t all that simple to set up the site. The Verizon web page builder or whatever it was kept freezing and I was damned to the fate of going to a page with chirpy little kid giving me the thumbs up over and over and over.

Somehow I finally set up a little web page and then the real confusion began. After a very trying experience with Filezilla, I settled on SmartFTP as my FTP server.

I loaded up wordpress after watching a handy little installation video. The files had a rough go, with many of them failing to load. Eventually I prevailed and all of the wordpress files made the arduous journey to my ftp account.

Then it was simply a matter of opening a page, entering a username of some sort, and I would be in wordpress heaven. Note my usage of “would.”

I didn’t happen. I found a garble of code on the fancy wordpress page and a cryptic message saying that I had already loaded wordpress somehow.

I gave up at 10 pm last night. I am about to give up again tonight. I may have overlooked whether Verizon supports php. That would be a bummer.

I just want a free way to practice using wordpress. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “Battle with My Verizon Web Page and WordPress

  1. ScottB

    SmartFTP is a great little program – I’ve been very happy with it.

    I was going to recommend grabbing a free account at but then Todd had to go and get all fancy. 😉

    Have you found any good php resources? I’ve been wanting to learn but I haven’t made the time to track down some good material.

  2. Ed Post author

    Thanks Todd. So if the handy wordpress "5 minute install" had worked out, would I have ended up where this sent me? I suppose I’ll just im you about it later.

    Scott, good idea. I had a mess of them saved on my old computer, but I’m not sure if any of them are good or useful. I took a book on php out of the library a year ago and was completely overwhelmed.

    Maybe the web design bug is a seasonal thing for me . . .

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