Where I’m at with the Emerging Church

Back in the summer of 2002, I can’t believe that was 4 1/2 years ago, I began reading a book called Houses that Change the World. It’s a modest little read by German home church or simple church expert Wolfgang Simpson. That book began stirring something within me.

Shortly after adding that volume to my shelf I picked up Trevor Hart’s book Faith Thinking and followed it up with Grenz and Franke’s Beyond Foundationalism. With three books my world had changed radically.

You could call it a mix of the simple church movement and the emerging church. In the end my thoughts on the church, Christian living, and Christian theology were quite different. These struggles with my revised version of Christianity took place while at Biblical Theological seminary and while working at a local church part time.

By December 2004 I was done with my final project and wondered what to do with myself. My wife Julie probably was not up to theological sparring and my endless droning about the emerging church and all of the theology swirling in my mind. That is where the internet came in.

In the Fall of 2004 I discovered the ooze, met Spencer through an ETREK class, and began reading blogs, especially Tall Skinny Kiwi, the blog of Andrew Jones. By February 2005 my friend Josh set up this blog for us to use for our theological musings on life and culture.

Without a seminary at my disposal I jumped into blogging and worked hard to hit all of the theology and culture topics within my ability. It was a welcome release and has been a good place to practice writing daily ever since.

And now I’m approaching the two year mark of my blog and have been wrestling with the emerging issues of the church for over four years. And now I suddenly find that I’m very unsure of myself.

It seems that I have wrestled with the church, Christian living, and theology issues that were eating away at my spirit. So the question is, “Now what?”

After working through this question for a week or two, I think that I’m finally at a place where I need to address some of the day in, day out issues of Christian living. I’ve deconstructed a lot, and it has been good and liberating. Now I feel the need to let God rebuild something new.

The key here is allowing God to do the rebuilding. I sense that God has brought me to a new place and it will be tempting to let old practices and expectations to rule the day.

So I can’t say what all of this will look like. The place where it all begins is with time. Taking time to pray and let God lead. And where he leads me, the blog will follow.