I Would Have Blogged Sooner But . . .

I would have blogged sooner but I was too busy replacing the pump in our basement. Let me explain.

Mondays are my “writing” days. Blogging is a part of it, but I try to put off blogging since I can start puttering around and waste too much of my day.

So first thing I did was drive off to the South Street Cafe in Bennington. It’s a great place, but there are never enough seats. I had to sit on a low stool at a high counter for an hour until a seat opened up.

For most of the morning I played with sub-par ideas for non-fiction writing, read articles in my 2007 Writer’s Guide, and played around with the plot for a little fiction project called Chiselville.

After running a bunch of errands, I came home for lunch. The first thing I noticed upon entering the home was a strange smell. I couldn’t place and still can’t describe it.

I put away the groceries, made lunch, and then prepared to get the kitchen in order before blogging and exercising a little. Since I can never remember how much bread we have, I bought two loaves too many today (we do eat a lot of bread though) and decided to put it in the basement.

Splish, splash.

Shoot, the pump burned out. That explained the smell.

With varying depths, I’d say the basement had about 3 inches of water in it. Stuff was floating all over the place, but fortunately we have most everything up and out of harms way. Not too much damage done so far as I can see.

I spent the next hour yanking out the old pump, disassembling the old hose, and then assembling the new pump. Some of the fittings were really old and took a bit of effort to tear apart.

Against all odds the pump hummed to work right away and began shooting out the water. Within about 20-30 minutes the water level had receded significantly.

And now I’ve had a chance to blog about it rather than the other idea I had. That can wait until tomorrow. Now I have a date with some a recipe for Tilapia from Moosewood’s Simple Suppers cook book. We’ll see how that goes.