Our Weekend in Montpelier

I was having a quiet morning at home with the bunnies last Saturday.

Julie went to school for a few hours to get set for the upcoming week. By the time she returned home, she had an idea: let’s go to Montpelier for an evening away!

I was all for it. Montpelier is the capital of Vermont, even though it has a very small population barely over 8,000. I was excited to see Montpelier because it has a large concentration of independent book sellers. It also has a Thai restaurant.

We searched and searched online for a decent bed and breakfast. Montpelier had no suitable rooms that we could find, so we settled for a nice little bed and breakfast in the neighboring town of Barre. It was nice and cheap.

With hardly two hours passing since Julie arrived with her idea, we zoomed off and plowed through the Vermont countryside on our way north. After 2+ hours we pulled in at our bed and breakfast.

The first order of business was dinner. We hit the Royal Orchid Thai restaurant hard and stuffed ourselves on some of the best Thai food we’ve ever had. I unfortunately did not have my camera, but I’ll just say this: whole pineapple stuffed with sweet fried rice and shrimp. YUM.

The following day we crossed over to Montpelier once again for a day on the town. After seeing Washington D.C., Montpelier is a bit startling. First of all, the capital building towers over the small town. Nothing competes with it.

Even better than that, a hill filled with trees looms over the capital building. I can imagine bears leaping out of the woods, clamping onto politicians (or lobbyist depending on your preference), and dragging them off into the woods. It’s a pretty building all the same and rows of maple trees obligingly dot the green.

After trudging around town we tried to settle down for a cup of coffee at the “Capitol Grounds.” First of all, as far as I can tell the name is incorrect: see here. Secondly, it has a small seating area that is overrun with lap top users. One lady actually had a large table all to herself while many, many people milled about in search of a seat. We didn’t stay there long, but I did manage to snap a picture of the clever coffee size list.

Take that Starbucks. Stupid “Tall” and “Venti.”

I indulged myself at Bear Pond Books with the latest Jeff Shaara (OK, the cover is waaayyy overdone, but I’m an addict. Sorry Adam) before setting off for home.

We took the long way home on Route 12 and we were not disappointed. Route 12 runs through some wonderful valleys and the towns of Northfield and Randolph were really nice little towns. Both had some nice looking restaurants and pizza shops. Northfield boasted a small book store and a lively center of town.

We popped in at Stockbridge since it was recommended in Vermont Life Magazine as a good walk in the fall. I guess we’ll have to try it in the fall . . .

The final stop on our journey was Rutland for dinner. We had a tremendous dinner at the Back Home Again Cafe (beware the web site has music!). It’s apparently run by an alleged cult, but they sure can cook.

Besides the food, the tables and just about everything else are solid wood, there’s a huge fire place, and calm music fills the large room. If you’re ever in Rutland, you must stop in. I have never been to a place quite like it.