Farewell to Politics Vermont and Purgatorio

After two years of serving Vermonters by blogging regularly on its political scene, Politics Vermont is packing it up. It was a great blog that I enjoyed checking.

This is a good little lesson in knowing when to stop a good thing. It’s tempting to hold onto something long past its time. There is a lot to be said for ending before you become too burned out and unable to keep up.

Marc did the same at Purgatorio, which he said has become “Purgasnorio.” Anticipating this move, I had already moved his blog from my “addiction” list. JR Briggs took his place.

Purgatorio was one of those great ideas for a blog that is really, really hard to maintain, especially if you have a family and two jobs. It was fun while it lasted.

One last note by the way . . .
Note the huge breaks in between paragraphs? That’s one of the disadvantages of using Ecto with Nucleus. I’ll have to see if I can fix that.