Atheism: Having Another Go

I’d like to thank JD for posing some really good thoughts on my previous post regarding atheism and blasphemy. He certainly zeroed in on my weakest point, one that I shouldn’t have thrown in carelessly, as I did. It’s good to know that readers will hold me accountable to post better content.

Having said that, I think we can argue persuasively from both sides of the fence regarding whether or not morality proves God. But that’s not what I’m truly interested in. I want to keep talking about this mystery that is God and how to talk about him with atheists.

Can I start by saying that truly following Jesus only makes sense when you’re immersed in it? It cannot be done half way, and it just looks odd from the outside.

Living in a relationship with God is not about the drudgery of Christian practice, though some Christian practices feed the life that God has placed within.

It’s a strange mix of faith and God reaching out to me. I can say that I am drawn to pray by my own desire to know God just as much as I can say that I sense God drawing close to me and I cannot respond otherwise but to pray.

To put it simply, I’m stuck with God. That probably does not give a whole lot of hope to skeptics out there. But this is what I hope to at least say: Christians often fill in their religion with extras, and these extras sometimes become the barriers to belief . . . not so much God himself/herself (though some find the existence of God to be roadblock).

The truth of the matter is that God is actively searching for people who want him and who will live in harmony with him. There are some wonderful things about the Christian faith, but it really all boils down to a spiritual encounter with the God who is other and beyond us. We can strip all of the other trappings away and still have something: a connection with the creator.

Jumping into that relationship with reckless abandon is the only way for such a thing to make sense. I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t in so deep myself. And gosh, I hope that doesn’t sound snobby, because that’s not my spirit.

If you are skeptical of God, that’s alright. I have my doubts as well. It’s understandable. But if you’re a doubter who wants to believe, there is a God out there who is actively seeking you. He’s often hidden behind a disgusting religious subculture.

Thankfully, he’s not limited by subculture or by our skepticism.

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