A Sad, Horrible, Difficult Day

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Yesterday our rabbit Bailey, pictured here, passed away on the way to an animal hospital emergency room. He had a major infection in his mouth that flared up on Sunday and finally took it’s toll on Monday.

I was devastated. I grew very close to our little bunny over the past year. It is so hard to see him go. I would compare our house rabbits to a cat or dog. They are a big part of our household.

In the near future we will adopt another male rabbit to keep Eva, our other rabbit, company. But for now it’s just kind of sad and difficult. That’s why it’s been quiet on the blog. We spent a bit of time trying to nurse him back to health for the past few days.

For now we’re grieving, but also remembering all of the great moments we had with him, including the time he tipped over a mug that used to have apple cider in it and he stuck his whole head inside of it. He licked and licked and licked. On another occasion he stretched his little body to the limit and snatched a stalk of celery from a spread of snacks on the coffee table.

Good times. Good memories.

2 thoughts on “A Sad, Horrible, Difficult Day

  1. Ed Post author

    Thanks Nate. We buried him tonight. It feels kind of final now.

    On an up note, we’ve already made some phone calls to rabbit rescues to let them know we’ll be looking for a rabbit soon. Mini Rex rabbits are a very popular.

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