Leaderless Organizations, Tree Hugging, and Film Festivals

These three things are not incredibly related. They’ve been sitting in my tabs all day waiting to be blogged upon, and so here is some of the best stuff I found online today.

Starfish and the spider: the unstoppable power of leaderless organisations on Jonny Baker’s blog.
This is a very relevant topic for the church today and I’ve actually seen it played out in a secular setting among non-profit organizations. In fact, I just talked with someone this morning who’s part of a church and I think this defines where they’re heading.

A comprehensive guide to green living. I really like this site and am a firm believer in using Seventh Generation cleaning products and eating organic as often as possible. Thanks to Ari for the link.

Energy Efficiency You Morons
Some people in Texas want to build coal powered electric plants to meet the sky-rocketing energy needs down south. How short sighted can these people be? This is not to mention that a recent study found that geothermal energy could supply all of our energy needs. Clean, renewable, but nah, it’s just too much work. Let’s just destroy the planet since that’s cheaper and easier to do.

Film Festivals and Small Towns
I love the idea of what a film festival can do for a small town.

2 thoughts on “Leaderless Organizations, Tree Hugging, and Film Festivals

  1. Julia Schopick

    As a “fellow fan” of http://www.treehugger.com , I hope you will want to listen to The Keeper, Inc.’s online audio interview of Treehugger.com’s Simran Sethi, at http://www.keeper.com/sethi… (The Keeper, Inc., by the way, is the manufacturer of the environment-friendly Keeper and Moon Cup reusable menstrual cups.)

    Simran Sethi, who is fast becoming a shining "eco-star" (she has appeared on the Martha Stewart Show and the Oprah Show!) gave keeper.com a really informative and lively interview. Do check it out!


    Julia Schopick
    The Keeper, Inc.

  2. Ed Post author

    I was trying to figure out what the heck this comment was about until I got to the end: it’s a plug for a web site. Gotcha.

    As long as the plug is somewhat related to the post, I’m game. I’m not a big fan of listening to audio clips online, but I’m sure other lurkers around this site will be interested. In any case, I’m all for any site that promotes green living (provided that it’s ethical or whatever).

    Thanks for popping by.

    Do you have a place on your web site where I can plug IMD???
    ; )

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