The Saga of the Bennington Offices

If you’re a glutton for punishment, try following the story about the Bennington governments offices. Here’s the latest article. It’s such a heart-warming story about inefficiency and poor planning.

First of all, state employees in the Bennington office started coming down with a rare respiratory condition: sarcoidosis. Sounds menacing.

Someone chose to move in these modular offices, but they were not the right fit for courts and the DOC, so they had to renovate some of them. Others had to be gutted because they mold.

All the while a local developer had offered some downtown office space, but that deal was shoved under the carpet. Now everyone’s scrambling to figure out what the heck happened with that and why it wasn’t considered.

So now the poor employees are either in moldy modulars or a dangerous building while the politicians and town officials try to cover their tracks. Some are working to get this mess sorted out, but it has dragged on for far too long.

I dread looking at the front page of the Bennington Banner. I know what’s going to be there.

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