Evan: Our Insane Rabbit

After mourning the loss of Bailey, our calm, sweet rabbit, we traveled 2 hours to Enfield New Hampshire in order to adopt a young, brown minirex from a shelter. He was returned because of allergy problems.

He’s actually a tan/gray minirex with fairly large, perky ears. This is what we wrote to Julie’s folks last night about him:

“We picked up our new bunny today. We named him Evan. He’s insane. We let him go this evening during bunny prime time hours and he ran ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!! He didn’t stop. Just a bunny blur. He has the attention span of an insect. He has rabbit A.D.D. He is definitely a teenager bunny with poor litter habits (i.e. none).

It was war with Eva who worked very hard to chomp his nose off through the cage. She got two tufts of hair from Evan’s side and hung on to them like a little victory flag. Much grunting, scratching, biting, pooping, scenting, and running back and forth. We took a video that we’ll have to post tomorrow. Evan doesn’t sit still yet.” 

You can watch what happened when we let Eva lose. She went right up to his cage . . . and tried to kill him.

Of course things got even more lively when we locked up Eva and turned Evan loose. He was awfully curious about this rabbit who kept rattling her cage and trying to bite him on the nose! He’ll learn.

For now we will keep them separate and then gradually bring them together, let them fight a little, and help them get used to one another. They’ll be best of friends in a month or two . . . we hope.

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