Cheney Interview: Shudder, Shudder

I didn’t watch Wolf Blitzer’s interview of Dick Cheney, but I did view some clips of it and then found the transcript online. One word to describe it: frightening.

Bush makes me a little nervous because he doesn’t always seem all that sharp. That could be an act, but Cheney appears as secretive, mean, pompous, and dare I say . . . evil.

Let’s forget who’s in what party for a minute. If anyone in government is acting as pompous and secretive as our Vice President, the people have a duty to be concerned. If he puts on such an act during prime time TV, what the heck is he like behind closed doors? Shudder, shudder.

I’ve heard that this administration is the most secretive in recent memory. Now I believe it. And I’m very, very worried. Though we have less than 2 years left with it.

Surely there isn’t enough time to invade another country . . .

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