Tagging is Officially Mainstream

You know that tagging has hit the mainstream when the BBC runs an article on it. They even included a nifty picture of a tag cloud which some love and others despise.

So what does this mean? Some will just pass by the article. Others will scratch their heads and say “Tagging? What the heck is that about?” These will look to Google or Wikipedia for answers, sign up with Technorati, spend hours trying to integrate a plug in for their fledgling blogs, spend another hour setting up a del.icio.us account (that is, if they can spell it and therefore find it), spend even more time inventing tags that are useless or incorrect, and then rewrite all of their tags wondering if all of this hard work was for naught.

After a few weeks they’ll have the del.icio.us firefox plug in worked out, they’ve integrated a technorati plug in for their blog or blog editor, and can actually type out “d-e-l-.-i-c-i-o-.-u-s” with barely a thought.

Sure we have a mess of sloppy tags all over the place, but a new tagger has been born, the world’s information is just a little more organized and connected, and uptight tagging geeks with too much time on their hands breath a collective sigh of relief.

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