Importing Ministry

An anonymous person is putting together a big ministry in a fairly large city. Part of the plan is to gather a group of people, say more than 10 at least, who can participate in the ministry whenever there is a need.

To be frank, I’m not sure how this team of people will help the top person’s ministry, but in order for them to fulfill this role, they need to move to where this person is. And that unsettles me.

I’m already uncomfortable when a bunch of Christians get together and try to form a church or ministry. Neil Cole, a church planting guru, says that two Christians are really all you need to start a ministry. The rest of the group  should come from new converts in the local area of the ministry.

So, is it good and helpful to import workers for the ministry? Should they only come from the immediate vicinity of the ministry? I understand the missionary teams sometimes go out, but is bringing enough people along with you so as to constitute a legitimate congregation going too far?

I’m just thinking out loud here. It seems like something else may work better, but I have not planted anything from scratch, I’ve only worked with ministries after the planting.

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