My Conversion

I’ve almost hit the two year mark for blogging, and as part of this milestone, I decided to finally make the switch to WordPress from Nucleus. Nucleus is a nice little web blog platform, but who can resist the plug-ins, features, functionality, and theme options when it comes to WordPress? I’m especially tempted because WP provides code and plug ins that make it really easy to do stuff I would never figure out with Nucleus.

So if you don’t like posts about technology and computers, I advise that you stop reading here. Though I will mention that it has a happy ending for what it’s worth.

So I began my research yesterday and found that my server has Fantastico, which installs WordPress really, really easily. I also found that a WP user made a program that transfers Nucleus files over. Not bad so far.

This afternoon I began the process and it went smooth. I had the WP default theme up and running in no time, only, it wasn’t that I had. I had Somewhere along the way of reading lots of forums and documents I got it in my head that you need to install WP in a completely separate file. Not so. If you want to transfer your site, you need to install it in the main directory.


So I removed WP and Fantastico . . . and that is where the problems started. Apparently the uninstall files didn’t install correctly and little files were hiding on my server that were preventing further installs. SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT.

No problem, I decided to just do install WP manually. That was not good. I figured most of it out, but the database/SQL Database or whatever alluded me. I never could figure out the exact format to write out all of the database info in the config. file.

I became so frustrated with that stupid SQL Database that I vowed to eat the tuna that is not dolphin safe (SQL logo is a dolphin by the way) for all of next week. I was frustrated. Hours had passed and I basically didn’t have a web site. It was all on my computer at that point.

I began hacking away at Fantastico and deleted all kinds of stuff on my FTP server. Thanks to my astute recognition of a big fat file called “Fantastico,” I was able to delete it and POOF!!! My problems were solved.

So now this blog is using the “zenlike” theme. I apologize for the musical themes of late. I’ve been dissatisfied with the Nucleus theme selection and hope to just pick a theme and stick with it.

My wonderful lovely wife said she likes the old theme better, this one reminds her of the cover of Stephen King’s book On Writing. Be that as it may, I’m sticking with it for now. I still need to update the links in the sidebar and clean that up. Also, some pictures in previous posts may not show up. Since this is not a photo blog, I’m not going to sweat it. If you really want to see a picture, I’ll be happy to fix up the post.

So I now run three blogs on a custom WordPress and one on the hosted version of I feel complete, no longer divided, sharing a little piece of myself with every blogging service that comes down the block.

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